“Because my field of vision is temporarily limited,

I started looking at things differently”


Willem shares some of his works on this inspiration page. His creativity is triggered by looking at things differently. Being creative is also the ultimate relaxation.


´Invisible´ is a photo series made by Willem Meijer. This project was realized by him in 2021, during a period of reflection in Mallorca, while recovering from eye surgery. From one day to the next he was confronted with a temporary visual impairment of one eye. As of that moment normal things were no longer taken for granted, motivating him to look at things in a different perspective. While strolling through the city of Palma de Mallorca and its remote parts, he was inspired by the street scenes and its colorful decorations, as well as the graffiti and the scribbled hearts painted on the walls.The streets are a podium for self-expression and for some also a last resource to share and be heard. In both cases, the street scene is a contemporary place for these visual expressions before disappearing for good. Capturing these images on camera can therefore be seen as a tribute to these artists, as well as a way of preserving their work and message to the world. What Willem strives to show us through these series of photos, is that an impaired vision does not necessarily mean you see less. New insights are created by looking at things differently, allowing messages to become more clear. He invites us to observe from a different perspective, triggering us to create from our creative brain rather than from a rational brain. Certain situations force you to do things differently, calling on your creativity and for new pathways to be created.

Willem Meijer (1968)

Willem Meijer (1968) is a personal coach. As a coach he supports people to be the best version of themselves. His philosophy is based on the principle that everyone is natural creative. Willem encourages his clients to look at themselves from a different perspective, challenging them to step away from their comfort zone, conventions and beliefs. He also believes that all the wisdom you need is already within you. By reconnecting to our core values we are able to access new resources. Creativity is an important driving force which Willem brings to his work. From this philosophy and by showing his own creations, including this photo series, Willem hopes to inspire others.