“A narrow strait can so canalize the tide

that a powerful current is developed”


Willem Meijer (1968) is an entrepreneur and director of various companies. He has led various reorganisation projects, acquisitions and the start-up of new companies and business units. Here, change processes and people management are a common thread. In 2013, he followed the professional training at the ADR Institute to become a Legal Mediator and is regularly appointed as an independent director by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

After having worked in a corporate environment for twenty years, Willem decided to take a sabbatical in 2008. This led to a turning point in his personal development, creating more room for the human, soft side. "I stepped out of my comfort zone and gained new experiences. In terms of creativity but also in relation to myself in dealing with others. This makes me even better equipped to help people make the right choices".

Willem now guides many people on a professional and personal level.

“Because my field of vision is temporarily limited, I started looking at things differently. When your vision is less, it does not mean that you see less. New insights are created by looking differently and messages become more audible”

“With my coaching programme, I help people to be the best version of themselves. My philosophy is based on the principle that everyone is creative by nature. I help my clients to steer away from their rigid perspective and look at themselves in a different way. Away from the comfort zone of patterns and conventions designed to give meaning to life".

My starting point is that the wisdom is already within you. By going back to your own core values ​​you are better able to think in terms of new possibilities. Creativity is an important driver that I incorporate in my coaching.”